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About AusSearch

AusSearch is a joint project between the not-for-profit Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW and leading title search providers, Infotrack. 

Founded in 1999 by the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW, AusSearch quickly became the leading online property search provider for the Surveying profession.  All profits are put back into the surveying profession, with this financial assistance supporting the future of the profession. 

Today, AusSearch has extended its reach and is used by many Australian professions, such as certifiers, architects, conveyancers and other professionals in the building, property and legal industries.  This is due to the diversity and extent of the AusSearch product, as it offers a wide-range of titles, plans and state-based documentation, relevant to a range of industries.


It offers a connection to thousands of purchasable documents from multiple authorities through one easy-to-use website.

With a client-base across Australia, AusSearch is a leading online property search facility.

To find out more about AusSearch, phone the office on 02 9054 6867.

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