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AusSearch has partnership with Archistar who are the only platform that has successfully consolidated and visualised data from Australia’s best property data companies and government bodies.

It is the perfect tool for a surveyor looking to spend less time pouring over multiple data sets of varying quality.

Archistar proud to announce the release of Archistar 2.5!  Now more than ever you can make a certain decision in uncertain times using robust data and AI.  Check out the new features HERE.

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Archistar Property



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Archistar Property



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Gaining Internet access to Australia-wide Land Titles, Plans & Dealings, historical land ownership records, land Values, Pre-Purchase Reports, as well Federal, State and Local Government Departments, Water Authorities, Owners Corporations, Strata Managers, Personal Property Securities Register, Bankruptcy and all other Data Bases require you comply with Mandatory Legislation & these: 

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