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Data 2.0 - Australia’s most comprehensive zoning database

With our new custom database we are updating land use, heritage, bush fire and flood zoning layers weekly. This means that Archistar now has Australia’s most comprehensive national zoning database.  Enquire about our APIs

3D Planning Envelopes 

Now live in the Archistar platform! View 3D planning envelopes of your generated designs, ensuring your proposed buildings are compliant within complex setbacks defined by your local council.

Adaptive Townhouse Designs

Generate townhouses and terraces that respond to DCPs' requirements, including planning envelopes (together with site offsets, lot offsets and building height), maximum number of connected dwellings for the attached townhouses, open land provisions for community park lands and facilities, and widths of pedestrian walks.

Duplex Generator

Generate duplex buildings with our improved Design Generator AI, allowing you to subdivide your selected site and generate semi-detached buildings.

Sunlight & Ground Shadows

We have extended our analysis engine to run on smaller buildings such as townhouses and duplexes. Assess your generated buildings design against solar accessibility and shadowing requirements.

Hotel Generator

In minutes, generate hundreds of hotel or student accommodation designs with customised room mix. 

Extra Large Commercial Designs

We’ve unlocked the design generator for even larger sites. You can now generate commercial buildings of up to 50,000m2!

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