Property Searches

AusSearch provides the complete package

AusSearch offers a comprehensive national range of land searches and certificates through our Property Search functionality. Our system guides you through the process of ordering a Property Search with the least amount of steps and data required for entry - the most efficent way of searching. 

Titles, plans and dealings to Property Enquiries and Certificates, are available across Australia, including local government information (eg: S149 & S603 certificates, buillding certificates) and Sydney Water and Hunter Water Certificates:

  • New South Wales - Full service including NSW Title Search, plans, dealings, alerts, Electronic Contract for Sale (eCOS)Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS) and sign2Exchange

  • Queensland – Full service including QLD Title Search, plans, dealings, alerts and settlement notices and QVAS Sales and Property Reports

  • Victoria – Full service including VIC Title Search, plans, instruments and alerts

  • Western Australia – Full service including WA Title Search, WA Property Interest Report (PIR), documents and surveys

  • Tasmania – Full service including TAS Title Search and related documents

  • South Australia – SA Title Search, SA Property Interest Report (PIR) and land information

  • ACT and Northern Territory - ACT and NT Land Title Search and land information

The benefit of conducting title tearches with AusSearch is that when ordering your title search you can verify your title particulars at no extra charge, to check vendor details and property details prior to ordering.

Save your time by using the AusSearch MAPIT tool - a map-based search program for properties in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. 


For multiple title searching, order and verify up to 50 titles in one step.

Due to its automated internal systems and processes, 89% of all certificates processed by AusSearch are processed and submitted to Authorities in real time, this allows for a far quicker property certificate return.

When ordering property certificates, our intuitive system matches the location of the property to the relevant council, water and other authorities, and displays only those property certificates that are relevant. This saves you time when trying to locate specifics from a long list of certificate options and the need for additional information for each application is kept to a minimum.

For more information, contact AusSearch on 02 9054 6867.