There are many reasons why people use AusSearch:

'Its the easiest of all to use - and I like knowing all profits are returned to benefit Members of the respective not-for-profit Associations.'


Craig Turner - Managing Director, SDG Land Development Solutions


'I find the ASIC visualisation is brilliant. The ability to see a CSI style map linking companies, and subsidaries & their Directors shareholding interests makes due-dilligence a breeze'


Mitchel Hanlon - Managing Director, Mitchel Hanlon Consulting



Gaining Internet access to Australia-wide Land Titles, Plans & Dealings, historical land ownership records, land Values, Pre-Purchase Reports, as well Federal, State and Local Government Departments, Water Authorities, Owners Corporations, Strata Managers, Personal Property Securities Register, Bankruptcy and all other Data Bases require you comply with Mandatory Legislation & these: 

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