Why AusSearch?

There are many reasons why AusSearch is the obvious choice...

+ Monthly invoices with a 30 day credit facility

+ No lock in contracts, no cost to join or ongoing admin fees

+ Free support and helpdesk

+ Accessible on any mobile device or PC

+ Verify claimed facts in printable and saveable formats

+ Easily track costs with a user-friendly interface

+ Fast identification of lot numbers and boundaries

+ Seamless process from finding to ordering

+ Easy bulk ordering

+ Job tracking and reorder detection – users are prompted if they have previously ordered a document.

Phone the AusSearch office on (02) 9054 6867 for more information.

Gaining Internet access to Australia-wide Land Titles, Plans & Dealings, historical land ownership records, land Values, Pre-Purchase Reports, as well Federal, State and Local Government Departments, Water Authorities, Owners Corporations, Strata Managers, Personal Property Securities Register, Bankruptcy and all other Data Bases require you comply with Mandatory Legislation & these: 

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