When To Use A Police Check?



Did you know through the AusSearch website you can obtain a Police Check? 

In Australia, a police check, also known as a criminal history check or police clearance, is a process of obtaining a summary of a person’s criminal history, if any, from the police database. There are various reasons why individuals or organisations, particularly in the surveying industry, may require a police check including:  

Working in Sensitive Areas: Surveyors involved in projects located in sensitive or secure areas, such as defence installations, airports, or critical infrastructure sites, may be required to undergo a Police check as part of security clearance protocols. 

Government Contracts: Surveyors working on government contracts, especially those involving national security, public safety, or critical infrastructure projects, may be subject to additional security clearance requirements, including a police check. 

Access to Confidential Information: Surveyors who have access to confidential or classified information as part of their work, such as property or land-related details with privacy considerations, may need to undergo a Police check to ensure their suitability for handling sensitive data. 

Working with Vulnerable Populations: If a surveyor is involved in projects that require interaction with vulnerable populations, such as children or elderly individuals, they may need to undergo a Police check to assess their suitability for such work. 

Professional Memberships and Associations: Some professional associations may require members to undergo periodic police checks to maintain membership or accreditation standards. 

Employer Policies: Employers in the private sector or consulting firms may establish their own policies regarding employee background checks, including police checks. This could be driven by client requirements, internal security protocols, or risk management considerations. 


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