The Ultimate Guide to Property Searching

The Ultimate Guide To Property Searching 


Let’s be honest, the quicker the property search is done, the quicker the job can be actioned. 

The bulk searching ability of AusSearch, as well as a copy & paste option of up to 50 Title Searches once, goes hand in hand with efficiency. Other time-saving innovations include; pre-population of details for Property Searches and Certificates (NSW/VIC/QLD), pre-selection options for commonly ordered property certificates, and the ability to use one form to access all Australian Land Registries. 
Save your time by using the AusSearch MAPIT tool – a map-based search program for properties in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. When ordering property certificates, our intuitive system matches the location of the property to the relevant council, water and other authorities, and displays only those property certificates that are relevant.  

But wait, there’s more! Due to its automated internal systems and processes, 89% of all certificates processed by AusSearch are processed and submitted to Authorities in real time, this allows for a far quicker property certificate return. 

With AusSearch, there are no subscription fees, applications are approved the same day and you can start searching immediately.  More importantly, all profits are returned direct to the surveying industry.


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